Why do all mra’s talk like they’re bullshitting an academic paper

this assertion is fundamentally erroneous, of course, and is merely a logical fallacy concocted by anti-male propagandists, as even the most churlish and base of individuals is cognizant to the truism that not all men

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nailed it. 

nailed it. 




Shaun King exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

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This needs to be brought to attention IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I don’t even understand what they’re expecting anymore. if they can lie to us to our face and us KNOW the truth, what power do we have , then?

The world is FUCKED.

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How many No voters does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they’re too afraid of change.

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It has been a really weird couple of days.


It has been a really weird couple of days.



Tumblr, can you please spread awareness of the riots currently breaking out in Glasgow city centre in George Square -
Union supporters have begun rioting in the city waving Union Jacks, saluting Nazis and attacking nationalists.
Absolutely nothing is being reported on BBC News, Sky News or ITV news! Spread the word!

Our first day in what should have been the early days of a better society. 24 hours ago George Square was filled with hope. I stood amongst thousands of positive, excited and passionate people desperately hoping for change. This is what we got instead, Today has been long, hard, miserable. I hope it gets better but I am not convinced.

We were on the world’s stage, with their eyes and ears on us. We had the chance to self-determine and we turned away and said “No Thanks”. We had the chance to make a stand and we fucked it.

We rejected independence.

We must look to how we can affect the change that 1.6million of us are desperate for. We must work together. If we can’t learn to live together, we’re going to die alone.



just so you know what is going on in my country right now:

  • votes came in for independence 45% yes 55% no
  • media very “”no”” centred and bias
  • unionists are now attacking yes voters
  • a seventeen year old girl has been stabbed
  • they are burning our saltire giving nazi salutes
  • our first minister resigns

please signal boost this 

just got home from city centre. guys, stay safe. dont wear the saltire or yes memrobilia the police say.

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This is the threat. British nationalism. Not Scottish nationalism. In the city that voted Yes. Back to this kind of Glasgow. Nazi salutes and chants about the famine. 

Stabbing of a Yes voter, scuffles with the police, nazi salutes, fascism, bigotry, hatred, intolerance, Saltire burning and young women being terrorised on the street. To think Wednesday night the same square was full of families, hope and laughter. These are the brave guardians of our United Kingdom! Better together eh? Not with you lot.

Scotland’s Shame.


Friends if you are around tonight, be safe. Glasgow City centre is not safe.

glasgow voted yes. george square, for the last week, was a celebratory place which generated a whole lot of hope for people. within hours of a no vote, it turns into a battlefield. utterly sickening. 

it would have been worse if the overall result was yes, because then they’d have something to fight against. however, these scumbags carried out these actions under the same banner for which you voted no - the union jack. at the very least accept part of the responsibility for these people. 

not my flag, not my country. we can, however, make scotland better. these are the early days - for that, we must work. 

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